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A National or Global Bingo for Wild Cash Results

How about a national Bingo game? Think of the bigger cash prizes at stake, not to mention the huge profits that could accrue from it.

Big events excite a whole populace to crazy extents especially when adorned with lavish prizes. The bigger they are, the bigger the cash at stake. Why? Games of big proportions are magnets to big, eager sponsors. Now think about going national.

The idea is to bloat the main prize at stake to attract people from all walks of life. Bingo cards sold at, say, $3 a piece will gross an amount 3 times of three fourths (3/4) of the population. And this is very conservative.

For 70 million people, 3/4 of which is 52,500,000, each buying a card, that will be a whopping $1.5 billion dollar plus gross sales. If they buy only one card. What if stakes are up to a skyrocketing high of a $1 billion total? At a mere $5 each, think how many will buy more than one card? What if they all buy at least 10 each? And this is not remote from happening.

And what if there aren't just 70 million people joining? Have this thing global. Just put it in the internet, adjust the procedures, promote, and presto. Most people on the planet are in.

We haven't even talked about sponsors yet. A giant thing like this on a national scale will make major sponsors be literally on the run for a part in this. Aside from main sponsorship, they can have their brand names and logo printed on the Bingo cards for total recall among the players - the populace--and this will cost them quite a bit in advertising fees. Expensive but effective. For sure, they will go all out for this.

From all the super profits from this revised Bingo, the super winnings can be schemed as wildly as this:

First Prize: $ 1 Billion Second Prize: $ 500 Million Third Prize: $ 300 Million

Total Consolation Prizes: $ 200 Million

Winning patterns in a computerized draw simply must have their letters and numbers announced. For a horizontal pattern for instance, announcement (through media or the internet) would simply be: B-5, I-17, N-27, G-35, O-45. The card with this pattern wins.

On conservative estimates, the organizers will have a net of some billion dollars remaining in their hands after the whole thing. And take note, this isn't a one-time deal. This could go on and on through the year, each year.

With its unique simplicity and familiarity and unbiased appeal to all, Bingo still has an undiscovered potential. Taking on a national or even global image, it can unleash cash rewards and profits of unparalleled magnitude. The main factor is overwhelming cash rewards nobody in the world can ignore. Then the rest just follows, players, sponsors, and all.