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Bingo stakes to choose from

No one can deny the number one reason why new players are lured to try out Bingo is because of the prizes at stake. Even the oldest Bingo players, nowadays, still could not resist from glancing at the Bingo jackpot prizes. The prizes are what all of us are after aside from the thrill of marking those winning Bingo numbers on your playing cards and the fun of sharing the game with your fellow Bingo enthusiasts. Listed below are some of the Bingo prizes that have been given to winning Bingo players.

Basket winnings

Basket winnings refer to the goods which are placed in a basket and displayed as one of the prizes for the Bingo event. Winning this Bingo basket prize could provide you additional grocery items for your own stock at home.

Gift checks

If Basket winnings can make you lessen your trip to the grocery shop this week, gift checks, meanwhile, are the preferred choice since Bingo winners have a freedom to choose their winnings. All you need to do is have a trip to the mall and find the shop offering the gift check that you have won.


Appliances are one of the most sought-after Jackpot prize in Bingo. The appliances being offered as winnings vary depending on the preferences of the Bingo coordinators in your neighborhood. There are instances when Bingo sponsors would donate appliances which could be included by Bingo event coordinators in their list of the game's prizes. The most expensive appliance is usually chosen as the jackpot prize for the night.


No one could ever forget winning money or cash prizes every time Bingo is held. Cash prizes can either be fixed or progressive jackpot prizes. Some Internet Bingo games have increasing amount of cash prizes depending on the number of players who are taking part in the game.

Other kinds of Bingo prizes have been offered through the years. There are some conventional ones which still never fail to catch the interest of Bingo players all over the world.

Still, there are those prizes which may seem to be relatively unusual. But, these prizes still lure Bingo players to participate. This could never help make us wonder if the Bingo prize is significant in the Bingo game. Bingo players would definitely agree. But, over the years, the game of Bingo has become popular not because of the prizes. There are priceless things that players discover when they play the game. That's why until now they still are playing Bingo.