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Bingo Winning Variations

A good game of bingo is one that affords players with more winning chances, aside from the jackpots. A practical option in bingo is to choose a bingo game or venue that provides minor or consolation winnings for certain number combinations.

The major bingo jackpot, of course, is the blackout session. This is when all the slots or squares in a card are covered with markings made by numbers called out by the caller. The first bingo player to have a card all marked out gets the bingo jackpot. This kid of bingo jackpots are often played at he last portion of a bingo session. Then a new session starts again, beginning with minor winnings.

Other bingo winnings are based on the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal succession of markings on the bingo card. A line form on the card by the markings made by called out numbers (occupying 5 slots or squares in succession) gets a minor winning or consolation prize. This is often about 20 to 30 percent of the total winnings at stake. After a winner of a minor prize is called, the game can continue until another minor winner claims a stake. The bingo session proceeds up to the blackout portion.

Some bingo sessions, however, go from one minor winning to another. After a minor winner gets a horizontal winning, the bingo session ends and started again. This time a vertical winning is considered. Once a vertical winner is proclaimed, the bingo session ends, and a new one is started, this time considering a diagonal winning, and so on. The series of bingo sessions ends with a blackout bingo session.

Aside from these winning variations, there are still the so-called adjacent-slots winning, the small square attached to the "free" slot winning, the four-corner wining, and the diamond points winning.

When two slots touching each other are marked out in a bingo card, the first bingo player with such a card wins a minor prize. When a small square is formed attached to the "free" slot, so that only three marked out numbers are needed to form this small square, the first bingo player with this markings wins a minor prize. The first bingo player with a card that has all four corners of the bingo card marked out wins a minor prize. And the first bingo player with four markings on the card forming a diamond wins a minor prize.

Bingo sessions with more minor winnings are more rewarding. It follows, of course, that bingo fees also become a bit more.