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Bingo Patterns to Follow

Playing Bingo is quite simple. All you need to do is lend an ear to announcements of numbers made by the Bingo caller and be ready to mark those numbers that correspond to your Bingo cards

Most of the time, the Bingo caller announces numbers 15-20 seconds apart. This would give enough time for players to mark the numbers on their cards and, if possible, announce "Bingo," as well.

But, these basics of Bingo do not just spell success for Bingo newbies. Players' knowledge of Bingo patterns affects how they play the game. The following are the basic Bingo patterns that Bingo games use in their games.

Forms of Bingo Patterns

There are a lot of Bingo patterns existing today and, even, special rules that can be played. Even some bingo cards have a specialized form, which contains the highlighted Bingo pattern that the game is following.

Normal or Static Bingo patterns These bingo patterns are fixed on the card. Bingo rules do not allow such patterns to be transferred from any other area on the Bingo card. The Bingo player only wins once he covers all the squares of the pattern that are highlighted.

Crazy Bingo patterns Players have more chances of winning the Bingo game using this pattern. Crazy Bingo patterns can be are interchangeable as long as it follows a 90-degree pattern.

Wild Bingo patterns These Bingo patterns are scattered all over the card. Unlike crazy bingo patterns, these patterns cannot be adjusted and stay on the card.

Bingo blood, sweat and tears Players in this game pattern are required to fill 3 bingos in just one card. The corners of each bingo card are excluded in this game pattern.

Bingo Cover all or Blackout This is the last game of the night. Players are needed to fill all the numbers in the Bingo card.

Bingo six pack This bingo pattern requires players to mark off six numbers following a pattern of two rows with three numbers each. This pattern can be either horizontal or vertically aligned. There ar times when the game's rules allow players to utilize the free space, which can be found on the game card.

Bingo nine pack Players are required to cover a square consisting of nine numbers before hitting the jackpot.

Bingo Eight state Winning players of this Bingo card pattern need to cover all the numbers surrounding the free space on the game card.

Bingo postage stamps This bingo card pattern requires players to mark two squares of four numbers in each of the corners of the game card.

Bingo kite and tail This bingo pattern is characterized by kite-shaped combination on the card. Players have to mark off numbers,which form a diagonal line with any of the corners that could aligned with the diagonal.